A Call to Worship
Transfiguration of Jesus Year C 2010
Psalm 99

Holy is the name of the Lord our King!
We honour and praise our awesome God.
Lord God, Righteous Ruler of all peoples—
we praise and honour your holy name!

The Lord our God loves mercy and justice!
The Lord our God is upright and rules with equity!
O God, you mercifully forgive your contrite peoples,
therefore, we praise and honour your holy name!

Holy is the name of the Lord our God, who through
countless generations, has led God’s people in Godly ways!
Lord God, you are the Guide and Saviour of all peoples.
We come to we praise and honour your holy name! Amen.

Prayers of Thankfulness and Praise
Transfiguration of Jesus Year C 2010
Psalm 99

The Lord our God is King! Therefore, in praise and
thankfulness, we bring our songs of praise to our
Holy God. The heavenly realms and their inhabitants
all sing their praises! The peoples and creatures of
the earth join that chorus of praise to the Mighty King.

The Lord our God reigns for all time, space and forever!
The Lord reigns through the continuing actions of creation!
The Lord reigns in the hearts and minds of people!
The Lord reigns in the worshipful acts of God’s people,
teaching them of the mercy, grace and love of our God.

We give thanks for the way the Lord our Guide and Helper
has blessed this generation, and every earlier generation of
own God’s people; and for the ways God has taught them
to love justice; to honour equal opportunities for all peoples;
and to compassionately act amongst fear-filled peoples.

O Lord our God you have revealed your constant presence
to your people in various ways, and we give thanks for
these new insights into the being of our loving God.
We give thanks, and we acclaim the holy name of God,
for the ways the holiness of God is revealed to humanity.

We will never fully understand God’s awesome holiness,
but we give thanks for the glimpses we receive of God’s glory;
for those moments when we know we are in God’s presence,
and all we can do is to bow in humble worship and praise!
Yet we learn more each day of God’s holiness, as it is
shown through God’s love, compassion and grace. Amen.

A Personal Meditation
Transfiguration of Jesus Year C 2010
Psalm 99

The Lord our God is King, and in reverent awe,
I approach the God of all holiness, seeking to grow
in understanding of how I can offer honour and praise
to the God of all created things. In ancient times,
your people built their symbols of religious and
cultural inheritance upon the holy mountain of Zion.
To the prophets, Zion became a rallying place, to
call God’s people back to the true worship of God.

Creative pause: Zion was God’s holy place for worship.

I have been blessed by glimpses of God’s holiness,
often in mysteriously unexpected circumstances and
ways - through nature; through God’s presence in the
lives of people; in private and communal worship; and
in sudden flashes of insight that leave my mind reeling
in awe! Those unforgettable experiences are life-changing!

Creative pause: God’s holiness is glimpsed through worship.

The Lord our God is King, and through God’s mercy,
I am being taught the importance of justice for all;
for equal opportunities in all things; and that upright
living is the way to discover a true sense of community!
Centuries of these lessons have gradually increased in us
the awareness of how, in God’s eyes, all people have
dignity and value to God - who created and loves them.

Creative pause: The Holy God values every person.

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