A Call to Worship
Transfiguration of Jesus Year A 2011
Psalm 99

The Lord is King! The Lord is King
over all people and all creation.
The foundations of God’s throne are justice and equity,
and Holiness and Justice are names for the Lord our God.

The Lord is King! The Lord is King
over the nations, and humanity’s
cultures, traditions and relationships.
The foundations of God’s throne are love and mercy,
and Love and Mercy are names for the Lord our God.

The Lord is King! The Lord is King
over all thought, imagination, intuition,
and the endless search for knowledge.
The foundation of God’s throne is wisdom,
and Wisdom is a name for the Lord our God.
Come, let us worship this Holy and Wise God. Amen.

Prayers of Praise and Exaltation
Transfiguration of Jesus Year A 2011
Psalm 99

We exalt your name, Holy God, as we gather
to praise and worship you. In awed reverence
we come before the Lord who is King of all things,
past, present and future; in creation as we know
and experience it; in the heavenly realms as we
imagine it; and in our day to day experiences as
we live them as loyal subjects of our Eternal King.
Holy is the Lord our God!

We gather in worship and praise of our God in a
familiar place that is holy and sacred, and known to
many generations. We rejoice in the awareness of
history and tradition that enrich our worship experiences,
and give a sense of continuity, relevance and purpose.
Holy is the Lord our God!

For generations beyond numbering, God has always
communicated in various ways to the people of God,
and although God’s voice was not always heard by
everyone, faithful people have always heard, listened
and responded to God’s voice in and through relationships;
through God’s creative powers; or through God’s actions
in saving people caught in the traps of fear or persecution.
Holy is the Lord our God!

Come, let us worship and bow down before our Exalted
God, Lord and King of all things, who name is Holiness,
Mercy and Majesty - forever and forevermore. Amen.

A Personal Meditation
Transfiguration of Jesus Year A 2011
Psalm 99

The Lord is King, and holy is God’s name! It has
been my privilege to be part of many very large
gatherings of people from different nations,
languages and cultures – all meeting to praise God—
and what a joy that is! It has also been my privilege
to be part of small gatherings of devoted worshippers—
two or three gathered together in prayer and praise—
and what a joy that is to experience God’s holiness!

Creative pause: The awesome power of God’s holiness.

The holiness of God has been an unexpected and
blinding reality - surprising me with its intensity;
the gentle blessing of a new idea about God’s
powers and grace; an unexpected message of
thanks and blessing from the past; or the touch
and kiss of a saint-in-light living nearby. Each of
these experiences have enriched and enlivened
my spirit to greater levels of awe and blessing.

Creative pause: Experiencing God’s holiness in various ways.

How God blesses me with unexpected gifts each
day when I become aware of the presence of the
Holy God during my daily routine! Each shimmering
moment of awareness of God’s presence is a gift
in itself, and draws me ever closer in reverent worship
and praise to my God. Yet each day, I am also
challenged to an awareness of the justice and mercy
of God, and how I have a responsibility to be a
partner with God in the offering of justice and mercy
to others. Thanks be to God for God’s merciful
forgiveness when my part in the partnership fails!

Creative pause: The shimmering awareness of God’s presence.

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