A Call to Worship
Reign of Christ the King Year C 2013
Psalm 46

In quiet confidence we come, to be still before God - who is our Refuge.
We come, knowing that our fears can be given to God for blessed healing.

In the stillness we come, to rest in God’s holy presence - who is our Strength.
We come, certain that in God’s presence we will know wholeness and peace.

In the silence we come, to worship and honour God - who is our Fortress.
We come, convinced that no matter what happens in life, that the Lord
God Almighty is here amongst us to protect and to offer us inner security. Amen.

Prayers of Trust and Thankfulness
Reign of Christ the King Year C 2013
Psalm 46

Holy God, the Refuge of saints and sinners; the Refuge of people
who are fearful or bold; the Refuge of people who are uncertain
of their value to God or to anyone, and to people who confidently
rest in God’s presence. We come together in all our diversity and
experiences to be reassured and blessed by God, as we worship
and honour the Holy God who is our Strength, and who is our Hope.
We come, in silent and awed reverence before our very present God.

Trustworthy God, we come together to receive from each other and
from our God, the strength, comfort and help we need in the face of
life’s troubles and turmoil, as in humble reverence, we come to pray.
In the stillness of our communing with God, and as we meditate upon
who and what God is for us, we give thanks that the God we worship
is our Mighty and Unshakeable Fortress, where we may retreat into
the safety of God’s Haven of peace. We also come, to celebrate and
give thanks for God’s past blessings, and for the merciful way God has
guided our steps when the way ahead seemed difficult and threatening.
We come, in silent and awed reverence before our very present God.

God of the ages, who has promised to be “with us”, and “with” all people—
either as individuals or as a community who place their entire trust in
God - we come to you, despite all that shocks or offends us in this world.
Regardless of the world community and its squabbles - both frightening
or petty – we place our complete trust in the One who is “with” us, and
who has faithfully been “with” God’s people through countless generations.
Even as the world shakes with uncertainty over relationships and treaties,
over disasters, both natural or resulting from humanity’s greed or stupidity;
we can rejoice with confident hope in the God who our Refuge and Fortress.
We come, in silent and awed reverence before our very present God. Amen.

A Personal Meditation
Reign of Christ the King Year C 2013
Psalm 46

Given its location with all its vulnerabilities, the land and people of the Psalms
recognised and celebrated their unique religious, cultural, and political history;
but they were also very aware of their susceptibility to outside influences and
even from oppression from their larger neighbours. The term “whistling in the dark”
could almost apply to the Psalmist as he attempted to find personal and national
spiritual comfort during the frequent frightening experiences of his people. The
Psalmist “whistled” a series of faith statements about God, and God’s nearness—
to help him maintain the faith and courage to believe that trusting in God’s abiding
presence had and would continue to give him a deep sense of security and safety.

Creative pause: Is “whistling in the dark” an example or description of faith?

The Psalmist also reminds us of God’s powers and mighty acts; where God can
be found; and how God monitored the current political circumstances. Then, in
verse 10, God gave an additional reminder as to whom we are all responsible—
“...Be silent, and know that I am God! I will be honored by every nation. I will be
honored throughout the world…."
What is God asking/requesting/promising us
here in the middle of all that apparent uncertainty? After all that “whistling in the dark”,
the promise was/is that in the morning, God will continue protect, save and deliver.

Creative pause: After the darkness, trust and hope are renewed “....at the break of day…”

There are several special, yet everyday words used in this Psalm that link us to
each other and to God, and they reassure us because they are reliable promises
from God. These confident words attracted my attention: “even if”, “our/we/us”,
“see how/know”, “will/will be”, “here”, “always”, “are/is”
and finally “with”. These
reassuring words remind us that being still before God will give us hope and faith,
and they give confidence in a wonderful boost! The Psalmist clearly showed his
confidence in the God who “is here..”; who is “always ready to help..”; “come, see..”;
and “God is our refuge and strength...” and “...the Lord Almighty...is our fortress..”.

Creative pause: Confidence in God enables us to be still before God and.....

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