A Call to Worship
Day of Pentecost Year C 2010
Psalm 104: 24-34, 35b

Creating God, your Spirit breathes new life and
new joy into all your people, and into all creation!
Generous God, we gather to worship and praise
you for the new life you breathe into each one of us!

Creating God, today we rejoice that your Spirit
breathes new life into your body, the Church,
giving your church a new vision and fresh hope!
With joy we praise the Spirit who dwells in all things!

We gather to worship God, praying that the Spirit
of God, that Holy Breathe, will be glorified for ever!
May the splendour of the Spirit, the Breath of God
be praised, worshipped and honoured for ever! Amen!

Prayers of Thankfulness and Praise
Day of Pentecost Year C 2010
Psalm 104: 24-34, 35b

O Lord, Creator of all things, we come in worship and prayer,
and in praise of the way the wonders of God’s creation
expresses the wonder, mystery, glory and majesty of God—
the Creator, Sustainer and Saviour of all creation!

We offer our praise and worship to the Creator God, for the way
humanity is surrounded by the evidence of this creativity; and for
the way God has breathed life and joy into the diverse creatures
that roam the seas, lakes and rivers; the lands and in the skies.
In their diversity, they live in cold, hot or mild climates; and in
changeable weather, when it varies between wet or dry; harsh or
comfortable; and stormy or calm. All these creatures are a testimony
of God’s involvement in this world whether they are large or small;
strong or fragile; wild or domesticated; boisterous or placid—
they all demonstrate in their unique ways the miracles of God’s creativity.

We give thanks that the generosity of God extends to the provision
of the basic necessities of life for the tiniest or the largest and most
cumbersome of creatures; ensuring their continued well-being and growth.

Sometimes when disaster occurs, and the natural order of life is disturbed,
it seems that God’s face has turned away from creation, and there are
many victims. O Lord our Creating God, we pray for the faith to continue
to believe that your face is always turned with love on your creation; and
that you continue to breathe your own life into creation; so that the earth
is constantly renewing itself through the gracious actions your Spirit.

O God, we come in humble awe, offering our songs and prayers of
praise and thanks for all you have created; and for the way your beauty
and majesty is seen in the mystery of creation; so that it continues to
draw a response of praise from humanity – your highest act of creation.
We join in a universal response to God with our songs of praise, and
our prayers of thankfulness. We ask too, that these our responses
may be received as an acceptable offering of our worship of God.
We praise God’s holy name – the Breath of the Creating God! Amen.

A Personal Meditation
Day of Pentecost Year C 2010
Psalm 104: 24-34, 35b

In awe and reverence I look at the world - in the mornings,
at noon, in the evening, and in the starry depths of the night;
and the handiworks of God still surround me, fresh and new,
vibrant in their life and living, pulsating with the breathe of
God the Creator, Sustainer and Renewer of all created things.

Creative pause: God’s glory will last forever!

In awe and reverence I look at the land, with its varieties
of shapes, textures and formation - its mountains and valleys;
its rocks and soil; the variety of vegetation it sustains and nurtures;
and the inter-dependence of climate and seasons; all inter-related
to their Source, and how they nurture and sustain life and living.

Creative pause: God’s love for creation will last forever.

In awe and reverence I look at the waters, with all its variations—
majestic lakes and tranquil ponds; crashing surf and quiet swells;
tumbling rivers and quiet streams; surging currents and gentle
ripples; splashing water falls and stagnant puddles; driving rain
and icy hail; silent snow and swirling fog; all inter-related to their
Source, and in the ways they nurture and sustain life and living.

Creative pause: The diversity of creation is humbling.

In awe and reverence I look at the skies, those vast realms of
apparent emptiness, all filled with the wonder of God’s creativity—
clouds filled with rain or snow, icy hail or driving dust particles;
suns, moons, stars, planets and other wonders - yet to be discovered,
all inter-related to the Source, and the way that they sustain life and living.

Creative pause: The mysteries of life yet to be discovered.

In awe and reverence I look at the variety of the forms of life—
varied in their appearance, size, shape, colour and intellect;
diverse in their purposes; and yet all these are a living testimony
of the majesty and mystery of life – of Life itself – and are expressions
of the heart and mind of the Breathe - the Spirit - the Creating God.

Creative pause: I will sing praises to God as long as I have breath.

In reverent awe I bow in worship of God, the Creator of all things;
giving thanks for the privilege of being a part of God’s creation;
and of believing that all these creations are expressions of God’s love;
and that God’s Breathe of Life is an integral part of the vast
array of creation – all blessed, loved and sustained by God.

Creative pause: May my meditation be acceptable to God.

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*The additional weekly numbering is from the Revised COCU Indexing Scheme
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