A Call to Worship
Pentecost 9 [Ordinary 20A] or [Proper 15A] 2011
Psalm 133

We gather as the people of God,
united through God’s mercy.
We gather as one people,
to worship and praise our God.

We gather, joyfully celebrating
the oneness of our purpose.
We gather, as people blessed by God:
to worship and honour our God.

We gather, renewed and refreshed by
the ever-flowing stream of God’s mercy.
We gather as people wholly dedicated
to the worship and glory of God. Amen.

Prayers of Praise and Thankfulness
Pentecost 9 [Ordinary 20A] or [Proper 15A] 2011
Psalm 133

Holy and glorious God, we gather to joyfully celebrate and give
thanks for the various places, signs and symbols that assist us
in the worship of our God. Through the generations, people
have gathered in sacred places to worship and honour God,
and we give thanks for that special space that is sacred to us.
May it always be a place where the Holy God is lifted up on high!

Welcoming God, we come as a community of faithful people
dedicated to sharing together in the worship of our holy and
awesome God. We come as people commissioned to share with
other people the over-flowing mercy and love of God, so that
together as one people, God may be honoured and praised.

We give thanks too, that we can learn from God’s creative powers
when the whole of creation joins together into a harmonious whole,
and where there are no false notes to jar the glories of creation.
As God’s highest creation with the greatest potential to live in
harmonious worship and celebration of God, we pray that we
can also live in wholesome oneness, as God’s beloved children,
blessing, loving and serving each other as God created us to do. Amen.

A Personal Meditation
Pentecost 9 [Ordinary 20A] or [Proper 15A] 2011
Psalm 133

Holy God, how good it is indeed, when people live
in harmony and good will; yet somehow, this does not
seem to be the ‘normal’ pattern of community or even
family living or lifestyle. Unfortunately too, it does not
seem to be the ‘normal’ pattern of life within the faith
community – where our vulnerabilities are often tested.
Yet it is God’s will and way that we all should live at
peace and in loving acceptance with each other.

Creative pause: God’s will and plan for harmonious relationships.

As a child, I loved the idea of that sticky, gooey oil running
down the neck and into the long beard of good old Aaron!
I always thought it was such a strange thing to write about.
I understand now that it meant the sacred oil of dedication
for the priest whose responsibility it was to care for the souls
of the people as they travelled through the difficult wilderness.
Now, as I journey through the rough places of life, I remember
with gratitude, the hands that were placed on me in dedication,
and their inbuilt promises of prayerful support that they gave me.

Creative pause: The blessings of the ‘laying on of hands’.

Just as the snows of Mount Hermon nourished and nurtured
the Holy Land, and people from many places were blessed by it;
so too, the generosity of God calls me to live and share in the
abundance of God’s goodness and mercy towards all peoples.
The images of the dedication of those responsible for the spiritual
enrichment of their people, together with the physical enrichment
from the snows of Mount Hermon, always reminds me to thank God
for the spiritual and physical blessings God generously provides,
and the responsibility I have to share these blessings with others.

Creative pause: Sharing my spiritual and physical blessings with others.

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