A Call to Worship
Pentecost 6 [Ordinary 17A] or [Proper 12A] 2011
Psalm 105: 1-11, 45b

Faithful God, we gather to praise your Holy Name
for the way you have always kept your promises.
With thankful hearts, let us sing God’s praises!

Trustworthy God, we proclaim to all who will listen
that the God we worship is utterly to be trusted.
With thankful hearts, we rejoice in our constant God.

We gather to sing, to pray and to praise our God.
Worthy of all praise and honour is the Lord our God.
With thankful hearts, we sing: ‘Praise the Lord forever!’ Amen.

Prayers of Thankfulness and Trust
Pentecost 6 [Ordinary 17A] or [Proper 12A] 2011
Psalm 105: 1-11, 45b

Holy and Faithful God, we give thanks for the
blessing of memory, and for the way our memory
of God’s blessing and guidance has helped us
in the past, especially when we have struggled
with doubts and fears invading our hearts and minds.

We give thanks for the way our forebears in the
faith trusted in God, and that they were never
disappointed in God’s guidance, mercy and care.
In ancient times, God led and blessed the people
chosen to be God’s own family; and through thick
and thin, God was there for them, especially in
their times of doubt and fear, and eventually led
them to their new home – just as God had promised.

We give thanks that since then, God has blessed and
led countless generations through their faith journeys,
and we especially give thanks for the people who
have prayed for and blessed us throughout our life.

Holy God of Shalom, it is your will for your people
to know the blessed security and joy of God’s shalom—
where they can be at peace with themselves, with their
world, and especially with their God. We give thanks
that this gift of God’s is ours. Help us to take the time
to be still before God, to receive all the blessings God
wants to shower upon us – just as God has promised—
to be at home with God so that our whole being is blessed
as we live our lives as God’s true children of grace. Amen.

A Personal Meditation
Pentecost 6 [Ordinary 17A] or [Proper 12A] 2011
Psalm 105: 1-11, 45b

Yes, I want the whole world to know and experience the
goodness of God! What a great and glorious God we
worship! It is wonderful to share these experiences with
other people, but it is also a great blessing to feel that I, as
one individual, have also received these blessing from God.

Creative pause: How glorious is the God we worship!

I want to give thanks for the privilege of having forebears
who loved and served their Lord in their daily life, and in
their commitment to maintaining a fellowship of worship,
witness and service amongst their fellow believers; and to
share those experiences with people who had no personal
knowledge of God. I am so grateful for the memories and
heritage in the faith that has been handed down through
generations, and that is now mine to pass on to others.

Creative pause: My memories and heritage are a blessing.

God’s promises made to the peoples in ancient times are
just as relevant today. God’s goodness and compassion
has not lost its power; God’s love and generosity is still
as potent today as in earlier times; God’s creativity and
wisdom are still to be seen in the world and amongst people;
and God’s saving grace and mercy are still taking place in
today’s world, amongst God’s people. Each of us needs to be
on the look-out for any signs: ‘Beware - God at Work’; and
I give thanks for the encouragement those signs bring me.

Creative pause: Be on the look-out for signs ‘Beware - God at Work’.

Yes, I want the whole world to know about and experience the
goodness of God! How much richer would their spiritual life be
with the knowledge of the timeless nature of God’s goodness.

Creative pause: The timeless nature of God’s goodness.

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