A Call to Worship
Pentecost 5B [Ordinary 13B] or [Proper 8B] 2012
Psalm 130

Healing God, we come together in our brokenness,
to call to you in your mercy, to make us whole again.
Wholeness–giving God, listen to our prayers, we pray.

Restoring God, we gather to worship you, even as
we hopefully seek to be renewed and restored again.
God, our Quiet-Centre, listen to our prayers this day.

Foundational God, we come to praise and thank you!
In the depths of your Holy Being we find peace and rest.
God – our Beginning and our End, we hope always in you. Amen.

Prayers of Lament and Trust
Pentecost 5B [Ordinary 13B] or [Proper 8B] 2012
Psalm 130

God, our very Breath of Life, we gather today before
you, deeply regretting our past mistakes, and trusting
you with our unknown future. At times, we despair that
our living will ever be a sign of your presence in our
world; yet you come to us and encourage us in this, by
not keeping records of our failings. We whole-heartedly
trust in God’s continuing mercy and forgiveness, and leave
our failings and faults to God’s healing and restoring mercy.
Our eternal hope is in God, who will never, ever fail us.

Pilgrim’s God, our journey through life has had many
twists and turns, with dead-ends and pit-falls, where we
have stumbled and fallen. In those times of despair and
remorse, we turned again to our Life-Sustaining God,
who picked us up, dusted us off, and sent us out walking
again along those life-long paths. In trust, faith and hope,
we are able to continue through life, with God by our side.
Our eternal trust is in God, who will never, ever fail us.

Forgiving God, even though sometimes we hit rock-bottom
in our living and on our faith journey, our reliance on you
helps us to keep from despairing that all is lost in our life.
You offer us forgiveness as we express our regrets to you;
and as our faith matures, so does our knowledge of our
God grow and develop. In awed reverence we bring our
lives and our living to you, Hope-Renewing God, and once
again, set out on another day’s life, with our Saving God.
Our eternal blessedness is in God, who will never, ever fail us. Amen.

A Personal Meditation
Pentecost 5B [Ordinary 13B] or [Proper 8B] 2012
Psalm 130

Listening God, I have crashed once again! My despair is
such a weight on my heart and mind, that is slows all my
thinking and learning processes, and I forget that I have
crashed before, and that you have always been there to
clean my scraped knees, and my gravel-encrusted palms,
bandaging them gently with the balm of your love and mercy.

Creative pause: You bandage my hurts with the balm of your healing love.

Watch-Keeper God, how I remember those endless nights
when the hours went by with leaden steps, and I despaired
for ever again seeing that first light of day to give me a blessing.
Those long nights taught me many things, and especially I
learned about God’s eternal mercies, that are new every day.

Creative pause: God’s eternal mercies are new every morning.

Reliable God, you have renewed me again and again when I
failed, never ever keeping score as to the number of my failures.
Your unfailing love is like a fresh dawn breeze that blows away
the clouds of the fear-filled night. The overflowing streams of
God’s mercy washes away the grit and grime of my failures, and I
am left washed and refreshed, to start a new journey with God.

Creative pause: God’s unfailing love is like a fresh dawn breeze.

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