A Call to Worship
Pentecost 4A [Ordinary 15A] or [Proper 10A] 2011
Psalm 119: 105-112

God, the Light of our life,
we come to worship you.
You lead us into the fullness of life.

God, our Future and our Heritage,
we come to worship you.
You are our Guide and Inspiration.

God, our Joy and Peace
we come to worship you.
You are the only way forward in life. Amen.

Prayers of Thankfulness and Trust
Pentecost 4A [Ordinary 15A] or [Proper 10A] 2011
Psalm 119: 105-112

Guiding God, through your Laws you have given us
a light to guide us on our way in life; a light that sheds
its golden glow, so that our steps will not falter when the
way ahead becomes difficult to navigate; and when the
forks in life’s pathways tempt us into the wrong directions.
With joy, we celebrate your Light shining on life’s pathways.

Radiant Light of life, each day we are faced with choices.
Some choices are easy to make, others stir us to the depths
of our being as we struggle to remain faithful to God’s laws
of life, and the laws that enable us to live within a community
of people with different principles, customs and traditions.
With joy, we celebrate your Light that guided our decisions.

Trustworthy God, you have given us an inheritance that
is invaluable – a life-long guide to living as children of God.
Help us to learn well the lessons you have prepared for us,
so that we may never be tempted to ignore or disregard your
truths. We know there will be obstacles in life to overcome,
but we seek you help in dealing with these traps with faith,
courage and tenacity, as we journey towards our home in you.
With joy, we celebrate the trustworthiness of our Great God.

Inspirational God, you give us the wisdom and determination
to follow your guidance, and for this we give you our thanks.
With joy, we celebrate your unfailing mercy and holy presence. Amen.

A Personal Meditation
Pentecost 4A [Ordinary 15A] or [Proper 10A] 2011
Psalm 119: 105-112

God our Father, you know your children so very well!
You know how fickle we all are, how easily diverted
we can become by the slightest distraction; and so it
became necessary to spell out once and for all, a path
to travel that will enable us to finally reach our home in
God – that destination we are all called to travel towards,
but which many people choose to disregard or disdain.

Creative pause: God knows us so well!

O Lord, my Security Light, my Ever-present Guide,
I give thanks for the blessing of the practical, spiritual
and life-defining guidance found in your holy Laws.
To some people, they may appear ultra-restrictive,
pedantic, rather stuffy and irrelevant in this day and age.
But for me, they are the key to living well in today’s world!

Creative pause: The key to living well in today’s world.

O Lord, there are times when I think there are stepping
stones to an easier path in life right there in front of me,
when in fact, they become stumbling blocks that trip me up.
These traps are all part of the temptation of ‘doing things
my way’, rather than me following God’s way to truth in life;
truth in relationships; truth in being a follower of God’s way.

Creative pause: ‘Doing it my way’ is not an option!

However, I have an inheritance that is beyond value, beyond
anything this world has to offer – an inheritance of living, loving,
and believing with all that I am - that God has called me to God’s
own child, and has given me a map to follow that will give me
the potential to live a life committed to God; to healthy community
relationships; and a life of faithful witness and service to others.
What more do I really need in life – other than that???

Creative pause: What a rich inheritance!

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