A Call to Worship
Pentecost 25B [Ordinary 33B] or [Proper 28B] 2012
Psalm 16

Trustworthy God, you are our Refuge and Strength, and our Hope.
We rejoice in God’s generosity and care of us, in all situations of life.

Great Source of life and love, you alone fill our cup of life with blessings.
We give thanks for the fellowship we have with you, and with each other.

Our Guide and our Future, we come together to worship and praise you.
Timeless God, day and night you travel with us, guiding our steps, and
our inheritance of faith you have gifted to us. May we be worthy of that trust. Amen.

Prayers of Trust and Intercession
Pentecost 25B [Ordinary 33B] or [Proper 28B] 2012
Psalm 16

Trustworthy God, we gather together today to worship and to honour you for
your constant and ever-present care of us throughout all of our life, and in the
life we share together as a community of faith. We give thanks for the heritage
of our faith so faithfully and trustingly lived out by our forebears; and for the
example they set for us of godly living, and their trust in their Unchanging God.
They put their life and wellbeing into your hands, and you never let them down.
You show us the way to life in all its fullness, granting us the joy of your presence.

We give thanks for that other heritage we have of knowledge and education, and
especially for the freedom we have to enjoy these privileges. In trust, we pray for
people not as fortunate as we are, and ask our Generous God to be very near
to needy people, to bless and help them. We pray for people whose freedom has
been threatened or weakened by violence or the threat of violence; for people who
do not know the joy of the liberty of having choices in life and relationships; and for
people who do not have the freedom to express their faith and trust in their God.
May God’s abiding presence be with these needy people to fill their cups of life
with many blessings, and the firm belief that their God can be trusted in all things.
We boldly and joyfully trust in God’s abiding presence with us, every day and night.

Guardian God, we pray for people who are searching for meaning and purpose
in life, and who feel that they are missing out on something important, but do not
know or understand that you can fulfil their deepest needs. We pray for people
who seek a more satisfying life, but who do not look in the right places, or who never
meet the right people who can guide them to their home in you. We give thanks for
people whose godly lives are an example that can be followed, because of their
trust in you. Through our own experiences of trusting in God and in God’s renewing
and restoring generosity, may we each play our part in being a guide and mentor
to people who genuinely want to come into the fullness of life only given by God.
We celebrate together our Saving and Keeping God, as all goodness is from God. Amen.

A Personal Meditation
Pentecost 25B [Ordinary 33B] or [Proper 28B] 2012
Psalm 16

I come in confident trust to my God this morning, because I know my God is
watching over me and my loved ones, and that I can leave us all, and all things,
in God’s caring and renewing hands. I am so thankful that each morning I can
always come to my God for security, and in the hope and trust that God has my
best interests under control. However, there is always that sneaky doubt at the
back of my mind that no matter how I live; or in whatever way I can witness to
my faith, that it is never quite enough for whatever is the situation in which I am
involved. My anxiety gets the better of me at these times, and often about things
over which I have no control, and that always makes me feel fragile and vulnerable.

Creative pause: Those sneaky doubts about my inadequacy as God’s witness.

I come in confident trust to my God this afternoon, rejoicing in God’s blessings of
the morning that has passed, and that my irrational fears were unfounded! I am so
grateful for the wonderful examples of faith and trust in God that I have surrounded
me all my life: for godly parents and relatives; for inspiring Sunday School teachers
and Youth Group leaders; for Ministers and Lay Preachers who faithfully proclaimed
the good news of God to our small congregation, even if many of them were well past
their best years of leading worship and witness; and for the encouragement I always
received from these people. It is so reassuring that even in the afternoon of my life,
there are still things to which I can contribute. I believe one of the most important
contributions anyone can make to the life of their church and its outreach into the wider
world is through prayer, and at any age or any state of health anyone can pray and
thereby, contribute to the ongoing worship, witness, pastoral care, and service of God.

Creative pause: I can still contribute to the worship, witness, and service of my God.

I come in confident trust to my God this night, well aware that I will have many hours
in which to reflect on God’s blessings and mercy towards me. In the dark hours and
the quietness of the night, GOD seems so much CLOSER, so much more REAL; so
much more PRESENT. As I look at the night sky, it is a constant source of amazement
to me of the WONDER and MAJESTY of my GOD as shown in creation. Even as my body
begins its peaceful rest and renewal, my mind and soul continues to explore the ways of
life that God shows me; the JOY of God’s presence; and the PLEASURES of living with God.

Creative pause: The joy of God’s presence and the pleasures of living with God.

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