A Call to Worship
Pentecost 23C [Ordinary 31C] or [Proper 26C] 2010
Psalm 119: 137-144

Just and Holy God, your wisdom and ways are true.
You are worthy of our trust and love.

God of justice and equity, your promises are true.
You are worthy of our honour and obedience.

God of life, your instructions are comforting and true.
You are worthy of our commitment and worship.
We come to worship and honour your holy name. Amen.

Prayers of Lament and Petition
Pentecost 23C [Ordinary 31C] or [Proper 26C] 2010
Psalm 119: 137-144

Great God of your people and of your world, we offer you our
worship, for you are our righteous God. You have given us your
instructions, in words of truth and justice to teach your people how
to live in relationship with our God; and how to live in community
with our near and far-away neighbours. Your wise instructions
encourage us to live in harmony with you as our saving God.

Generous God, you have gifted people with many qualities and
virtues, but we seem to delight in ignoring these gifts. Instead, we
disregard your instructions, and try to live by a different set of rules;
ones which contradict everything you taught us about living in
relationships that are true and just. Loving God, our attitudes cause
suffering and pain; and must surely grieve the heart of our Saving God!

Trustworthy God, we have not only been quite content to ignore your
instructions, we continue to test your ancient promises. Even though we
find your promises worthy and good; of great value to the well-being
of our hearts and minds; and also for the health of our souls, yet we still
struggle with these promises. O God, give us the wisdom and the courage
to learn from the challenges and experiences of a life lived in community.

Loving God, we take comfort in knowing that God understands what
is best for us. Help us to always seek to follow in your paths of truth
and honour. Gracious God, in faith and trust, we need your help, your
guidance and your strength as we seek to follow your plans and promises
for a fulfilling and blessèd life of trust and service in your name. Amen.

A Personal Meditation
Pentecost 23C [Ordinary 31C] or [Proper 26C] 2010
Psalm 119: 137-144

O Lord my God, you have created this world as a place of order,
unity, balance and cohesion – a world created in ways that help
to teach me about who you are, with your wise and just ways
of ordering and maintaining this world, and this vast universe.
Your ways are right and just, honourable and true, and I honour
you - the Divine Creator and Sustainer of this world and universe.

Creative pause: God’s created world teaches me more about God.

However, I become anxious and bothered when I see people who
flout your laws, and who disregard the rules of our God-created unity
within the wonder and beauty of this world. How can people be so
insensitive to the laws and purposes of our shared inheritance?
How can people be so callous toward each other, so unfeeling as to
ignore the privilege of being part of God’s plan of life for everyone?

Creative pause: God plans for wholeness of life for all things.

I rejoice in God’s promises! They inspire me to be more faithful in
following God’s way, because I know that I will always receive God’s
help that is so readily available. I love being a part of God’s life and love,
and I give thanks to God for the insights God gives me into the way God
plans for this earth and for her people. God’s rules are true and fair to
everyone, and I am encouraged by this to try to follow them every day.

Creative pause: I rejoice in God’s promises!

As a human being with God’s gift of free will, which means that I often fail—
and then I become stressed out with guilt and fears! I know I need to allow
God to heal my stress and fears; and that I also need God’s helps in
remembering that I am a belovèd child of God, so that each day I can live—
relying on God’s grace and mercy, and in the hope of God’s and forgiveness.

Creative pause: I know I can trust God in everything and in every way.

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