A Call to Worship
Pentecost 22C [Ordinary 30C] or [Proper 25C] 2010
Psalm 65

Glorious God, you bring joy to all who are near to you!
All creation shouts with delight to sing your praises!
God, you are the joy of everyone.

Great and holy God, we offer our praise to you!
You faithfully answer our prayers and forgive us.
God, you are the hope of everyone.

Creating God, from sunrise to sunset, and in the
dark night hours, you provide your people’s needs!
God, you are the peace of everyone.
With joy, we come to worship our glorious God. Amen.

Prayers of Thankfulness and Praise
Pentecost 22C [Ordinary 30C] or [Proper 25C] 2010
Psalm 65

Faithful God, you call us to gather to worship you in holiness
and joy. You are the life, hope and salvation of all people who
in faith turn to you. You provide order and balance in life—
on you we depend for all things. You ask us to be true to our
commitments to you - through our daily living and our loving.

Merciful God, we often contemplate our sinful ways, yet your gracious
mercy is always beyond our understanding. You generously lift up
people when they fall; you heal their wounds; you guide and bless them;
you hear and answer their prayers; you forgive their sin when they
repent and are prepared to start again within your mercy and grace.
In humble thankfulness, we come to praise and worship you for your
generosity in loving, forgiving, renewing and blessing us each day.

Great and glorious God, praise and honour belongs to you!
You are the Creator, Sustainer and Renewer of all things!

Yours is the power of the oceans and mighty rivers;
yours is the life-giving rain that revives the streams and rivers;
yours is the majesty that creates the hills and mountain ranges;
yours are the valleys and plains that offer peaceful restoration;
yours is the wonder of flourishing crops to feed the hungry;
yours are the powers that transform deserts to new life; and
yours is the wisdom that turns upside down the puffed-up
concepts and ideas of your conceited and foolish people.

Creating God, these insights into the power, grandeur and beauty
of God’s own Being is a gracious and generous gift to your people.
You call us to gather to worship you, and we come before you in
deepest reverence, and with joy, hope and thanks in our hearts. Amen.

A Personal Meditation
Pentecost 22C [Ordinary 30C] or [Proper 25C] 2010
Psalm 65

Great is the Lord my God! Mighty and powerful are the
activities of my God, who creates all things, who sustains
and renews all things throughout creation. I want to sing
songs of praise and joy to my God! I want to shout to all
who will listen about the majesty, the mercy and the love
of my God. How wonderful is the God whom I worship.

Creative pause: I worship a wonderful God.

My trustworthy God not only hears my prayers, but answers them.
My God accepts my petitions for forgiveness, and fulfils all the
promises made to my ancestors. Throughout my life, I have
made solemn commitments to my God, and it is my hope that I
will be able to fulfil those commitments to the best of my ability—
they are my response to God’s great goodness and mercy to me.

Creative pause: I bow before God in reverent worship and thankfulness.

Wherever I look I see signs of God’s creative powers.
I see the turbulent sea, with all its mystery and power.
I see the mighty rivers as they slowly reach out to the sea.
I see the land, the mountains and hills, the trees and plants;
I see the ripening crops, the sheep and cattle that feed the hungry;
I see the cultivated lands, whose produce blesses so many people;
I see the barren deserts being transformed into lush pastures
I see the rocky and inaccessible land becoming fertile fields.
Everywhere I look I see God’s handiwork – and I give thanks!
Everywhere, I see something of the majesty and grandeur that is God.

Creative pause: Experiencing God’s creativity is a joy.

I hear the song of the birds and the buzz insects; the sounds of
different animals – large and small, loud and soft; the sounds
different languages from people of other cultures; the whistle of
the wind, the drumming of rain on the roof; and noise of rumbling
thunder - so many wonderful examples of God’s diverse creation.
Every day, I touch, taste and smell the wonders of God’s creativity—
how blest I am to live in a world created and sustained by my God!
I join with all creation in celebrating the wonders and majesty of my God.

Creative pause: I celebrate the wonders of my God.

Unless stated otherwise, all Bible readings and extracts used in these weekly Prayers and Meditations are from
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of the Churches of Christ in the USA. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

*The additional weekly numbering is from the Revised COCU Indexing Scheme
COCU = ('Consultation on Church Union'); as it offers an easy sequential numbering
for the Revised Common Lectionary for the Church Calendar.

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the following acknowledgement:
© 2010 Joan Stott – ‘The Timeless Psalms’ RCL Psalms Year C. Used with permission.


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