A Call to Worship
Pentecost 2C [Ordinary 10C] or [Proper 5C] 2010
Psalm 146

O Lord my God, I join with countless generations
of faithful people as I sing my praises to God!
How blessed are we all to be able to personally
praise God and to sing - ‘Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!’

I have vowed before the people of God that
I will praise the Lord my God until my last breath!
Others join me in praising God in the holy places,
and together we sing: ‘Amen - to the Lord our God’.

Great is the Lord our God, who loves mercy and justice.
Great is the Lord our God, who will reign for ever and ever!
As we come to worship, we join the responses of praise:
‘Praise the Lord our Eternal King - for ever and ever.’ Amen.

Prayers of Praise and Thankfulness
Pentecost 2C [Ordinary 10C] or [Proper 5C] 2010
Psalm 146

O Lord our God, in our prayers and in our joyous praise we join
with past generations in personally praising the Lord our God.
We give thanks that praising God is such a deeply personal experience,
and although we share in the thoughts and feelings expressed, it is
as individual people that we sing our praises to the Lord our God.

As an individual amongst many, I want give my thanks to God
in the presence of God’s people. I want to share with them
my commitment to a life-time of praising God; to tell them
of my personal experiences of the trustworthiness of God.
In comparison to God, the most powerful leaders, the prominent
and popular people of this day have little substance or value;
they are here today and gone tomorrow, with very little to show
for their time here on earth - other than their personal indulgences.

I am blessed to belong to a family who over many generations
have all loved and served the Lord. They have all placed their
hope and their trust in their ever-faithful God. As one amongst many
others, I give thanks that my experiences of God also reflect theirs.
Each of us have experienced God to be merciful, loving and generous;
have also received God’s special care for people who have been scared,
bewildered, or humiliated by life’s evils, illnesses or circumstances.

O Lord our Lord, we are inspired by your presence around and within
us to celebrate the many blessings you have showered upon us all.
Your goodness is immeasurable; your mercy is limitless; and your
promised comfort and strength are fulfilled every day through your grace.

In our prayers of praise and thankfulness, we join with uncounted others
to sing your praises; to celebrate with joy your eternal reign as King over
all generations, and as King over all things. Praise the Lord our King!
We sing loud ‘Hallelujahs’ to the God of all ages to come, forever. Amen.

A Personal Meditation
Pentecost 2C [Ordinary 10C] or [Proper 5C] 2010
Psalm 146

O Lord my God, Lord of all lords, and King of all kings,
I sit quietly in your presence, and with all that is within me,
I give thanks and praise to your holy and glorious name.

Creative pause: Praising God with the quiet joy.

Each day I praise God for the many blessings poured
upon me; and this will always continue, as there are
so many things for which I need to thank and praise God!
I know I will still be praising God as I draw my last breath!

Creative pause: I have praised God all my life.

Over the years, I have learned not to trust in the fleeting fame
of the ‘high flyers’ – which never lasts – as they are here today
and gone tomorrow, even though some of their ideas have merit.
I place my trust in God who is always the same, and always to be
trusted! Countless generations of God’s people have proved that!

Creative pause: God is always to be trusted.

I give thanks that the Lord God whom I worship not only created all
things, but has a special concern and care for justice and mercy!
God shows this caring concern especially towards people who are
defenceless and lack support; to people who are emotionally and
physically battered and bewildered; and to people who are imprisoned
evil, illness or circumstances; I know – I have experienced that love!

Creative pause: Vulnerable people are under God’s special care.

I give thanks that God’s nature is not vindictive or vengeful, but
that God is merciful and forgiving – even to the most hardened
yet repentant person. God’s nature offers hope – and a special
love for people who seek to live an upright life, and who seek
love and serve their neighbours - as their own family in God.

Creative pause: God’s nature is always loving and forgiving.

My life-span is limited – God’s is limitless! My worship of God
is fragmented and limited to my understanding of God; but God
reigns supreme over all things - in whatever sphere has been
created, or will be created in the future! God reigns supreme
over all things Hallelujah! Praise God! God is Lord of all things!

Creative pause: I hope and trust in God forever. Yes I do!

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*The additional weekly numbering is from the Revised COCU Indexing Scheme
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