A Call to Worship
Trinity Sunday Year A 2011
Psalm 8

Holy and Eternal God, the glories of your Name are
beyond any finite understanding or human explanation.
The majesty and glory of God fills the earth - and
all that lies beyond it into the mystery of space.

Inspirational God, you enable tiny babes to praise you
in ways that we cannot, as they see, hear and know you.
We too seek the simplicity of their understanding,
so we can also sincerely and reverently praise you.

The power of your Holy Voice brings all things into being.
In reverent awe, we gather to worship you, Creating God. Amen.

Prayers of Praise and Thankfulness
Trinity Sunday Year A 2011
Psalm 8

Holy and Majestic God, the glory of your name overshadows the
earth and all creation, time and space; and in awe and reverence
we come to worship you. God’s holy Name proclaims and identifies
the being and wonder of God, yet with our finite minds, the power
and glory of God is beyond us. We give thanks that we will never
come to the end in our search for an understanding of Almighty God.

Through the grace and mercy of God, infants in all their simplicity are
empowered and given the privilege of praising God, because their
minds are not cluttered with useless information. Glorious God, may
we also have the privilege of giving you our praise and glorifying your
name with open and honest hearts; and with sincere minds and thoughts.

Before the majesty of God, we human beings are of little significance
in the grand scheme of the universe, yet God has destined that humanity
be given a special responsibility so that we can communicate with God,
and be so blessed that we can speak to God in prayer, and know that
we are heard and be answered. What a glorious blessing and gift!

Generous God, you have entrusted us with the care and nurturing of
your creation, and yet we have been poor stewards of this responsibility.
Give us, we pray, a clearer understanding of the significance of that role,
and may we honour your Holy Name through our care of your world.

Holy and Majestic God, the glory of your name overshadows the earth
and all creation. Praise and thankfulness is our offering to God this day.
May this worship and praise be acceptable as a sincere act of worship. Amen.

A Personal Meditation
Trinity Sunday Year A 2011
Psalm 8

This morning I saw the Morning Star – or rather the planet Venus -
in all its golden glory, and I was awe-struck by its beauty. When I
think about there being uncounted numbers of stars like that filling
the heavens and beyond – what a wonderful and amazing God it is
that we worship, and who has created this wonderful universe! The
stars, suns, moons and planets show God’s glory in a spectacular
way, and how blessed I am to be able to experience God’s daily glory.

Creative pause: I join with countless creatures in praising God!

This morning, I received an email from far, far away, from a friend
sharing her faith and love of God. How blessed we mortals are to
be given the gift and capacity to love - by a loving and responsive
God - who has taught us how to love and how to forgive. The glories
of God’s mercies are shown in so many ways, and yet, who and what
are we mortals that you remember us, that you love and care about us?

Creative pause: The glories of God’s mercies are shown in many ways.

At lunch time today, I saw a baby sparrow, so tiny and vulnerable,
and yet so cheeky as it chirped away, proudly taking its place in
the world. All God’s creatures are wonders of creation, even the
cheeky little sparrows. Soon after that I saw the natural predator of
little birds in the miracle of a hawk, with their incredible eyesight and
skills in flight. The world and its creatures are so exquisitely balanced,
each fulfilling their role and function in the larger scheme of life.
The Creating God of the Universe can only be praised and thanked.

Creative pause: God created the world to function in balanced harmony.

This evening, I saw the majesty of the sunset, and in awed wonder,
I gave thanks to the God who created all these glorious examples
of the extravagance of God, with all that exaggerated beauty that is
part of everyday life. O Lord my Lord, how majestic is your name in
all the earth - all these blessings are results of the work of your fingers!

Creative pause: O Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth!

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