A Call to Worship
Pentecost 12B [Ordinary 20B] or [Proper 15B] 2012
Psalm 111

Holy God, we come this day in reverent awe to worship you.
Your promises are sure and always to be trusted and accepted.
Praise the Lord! We come as God’s people to praise our God.

Just and Holy God, your name is Mercy, Grace and Faithfulness;
and we have seen these gifts amongst God’s generous people.
Praise the Lord! We come as God’s people to thank our God.

Wise and Merciful God, your works show your glory and power;
your goodness and compassion is universal and fair to all people.
Praise the Lord! We come as God’s people to worship our God. Amen.

Prayers of Thankfulness and Trust
Pentecost 12B [Ordinary 20B] or [Proper 15B] 2012
Psalm 111

Inspirational God, we gather this day to praise your holy name,
and to give thanks for your trustworthy guidance throughout our
life; and for the way you reveal your wisdom and justice to your
faithful people. The works and words of our God are amazing,
and all God’s actions arouse within us songs of praise and joy,
and together as one people, we offer our prayers of thankfulness.

Steadfast and Reliable God, every day we are made aware of the
glory and majesty of our God, and every night we gain new insights
into the creative wonders of our God! Even more amazing than these
physical wonders and glories, are the personal relationships we can
have with our God. We give thanks that we worship a God who is
always willing to be involved with us, and who offers us daily blessings
and nightly benedictions on our activities carried out in God’s name.

Trustworthy God, we celebrate with joy the promises of our God,
and the way God has bound us to God’s own self with the bonds
of love and trust. We are very conscious of these fulfilled promises
and blessings because of our own experiences of God, and from
the experiences of our forebears in the faith. Through their teachings,
and the wisdom they have attained through years of trusting in God,
we are encouraged in our own faith journey, as we too grow in wisdom
and the knowledge of our God. All praise and thanks be to our God. Amen.

A Personal Meditation
Pentecost 12B [Ordinary 20B] or [Proper 15B] 2012
Psalm 111

Only a fraction of the Psalms were written as individual songs
of praise; prayers of penitence; or outcries of personal anguish.
Yet, I discover I am not alone in my delight in the Psalms, or of
my “feelings” that they often articulate for me the many different
struggles I need to deal with on a daily basis. This Psalm is a
personal hymn of thanksgiving offered by the Psalmist as he
pondered on the deep mysteries of life, and of being only one
small part of God’s creation; and also as an individual living in
a personal relationship with his very generous and loving God.

Creative pause: How I delight in the diversity of themes in the Psalms.

The Psalmist wrote: “How amazing are the deeds of the Lord!
All who delight in the Lord should ponder them…. All God does
is just and good, and God’s commandments are trustworthy...
What a holy, awe-inspiring name God has!…..”
How I resonate
with those words of acclamation, encouragement and trust in
God’s continuing care and blessings. I do quite a lot of “pondering”,
usually at night, when free from distraction, and with God’s
guidance, I can let my mind wander – what a blessing that is!

Creative pause: The blessings I receive when I ponder about God.

I give thanks for the evolving nature of my understanding of God, as
“Everything God does reveals God’s own glory and majesty.” I give
thanks that every day I have multiple reference points to God’s glory
and majesty; and that all these are quiet reminders of God’s presence.

Creative pause: Every day I have multiple reference points to God’s presence.

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