A Call to Worship
Lent 4A 2011
Psalm 23

We gather together to worship and praise our
‘Good Shepherd’, who cares so well for us.
The Lord is our Shepherd, and we
have all we are ever likely to need.

We gather together to worship and praise
our ‘Good Shepherd’, who safely leads us
and give us strength for the journey.
The Lord is our Shepherd, who allows
us to rest and who renew our energies.

We gather together to worship and praise our
‘Good Shepherd’, who offers us a feast
when we are under pressure.
The Lord is our Shepherd, who’s unfailing
love is always there waiting for us. Amen.

Prayers of Trust
Lent 4A 2011
Psalm 23

Generous God and Giver of all things, we rest in
your loving and tender care; and we are revived,
restored and renewed by your strength and
encouragement. You go before us in life, leading us
in pathways that are secure without the confusion of
becoming lost, aware only that we always need to follow
you; and so we trust in your guidance and wisdom.

As human beings, we know there will be times of
stress, when our body or mind lets us down; we
know there will dark times too, when life seems to
be nothing but struggle; and it is in those times
especially, that we rely on your Presence deep within
us to guide and bless us. Grace-Giving God, you
provide us with the tools we need for the tasks we
face, and for this we give you our trust and our thanks.

Life-Giving God, you put out the ‘Welcome’ mat for
us as we gather to worship you. You nourish our
souls and bodies through your goodness and
tender mercies; you heal our life’s wounds; and
your generous love fills us to overflowing. You give
us an honoured place at your table, and invite us
to stay with you as your guest forever. You have
promised that your unfailing love will stay with us
always, and for this, we give you our thanks. Amen.

A Personal Meditation
Lent 4A 2011
Psalm 23

How blessed I am! Within all the generosity,
tenderness and mercy that is God, I am able
to rest securely in God’s care. I am also given
strength for the journey, and all I need for life
is in my rucksack! You take along with you your
medical kit to heal my blisters and other hurts
from the journey, and your care of me is wonderful—
life-renewing, life-restoring and life-sustaining.
What a wonderful Travel Guide is my God!

Creative pause: I can rest securely in God’s care.

My Travel Guide, chooses the right route, even when
it passes through ‘Death Valley’, so that I do not
become lost or overwhelmed by the hazards and
experiences of the journey. I am even allowed
to linger to experience ‘life’ and its challenges
as we journey together. Some aspects of ‘life’
are enriching, whilst others only demean the word
‘life’! You have the right tools for the various
pathways, whether they be steep or flat, so my feet
do not stumble. What a great Guide is my God!

Creative pause: What a great Guide is my God.

You invite me to your table as an honoured guest,
but you invite the ’real world’ along too, spreading
such a wonderful feast for us all. I am also invited
to stay in God’s Presence, and that is an invitation
I will accept with joy! I want to live in God’s house
forever, because that is my eternal home.

Creative pause: I am invited to stay in God’s presence.

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*The additional weekly numbering is from the Revised COCU Indexing Scheme
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