A Call to Worship
Lent 2C 2013
Psalm 27

We gather to worship God, to celebrate the light of love that God gives to us.
We declare: “The Lord is our light and our salvation...” which illuminates our living.

We gather to worship God and to celebrate the security that God gives to us.
We affirm: “We offer our worship with songs of joy...” which enlivens our living.

We gather in worship God, to rejoice in the confidence that God gives to us.
We come together “...To patiently wait on the God” which enriches our living,
as we learn about God; and respond God’s invitation to: “Come and talk with me.” Amen.

Prayers of Trust and Thankfulness
Lent 2C 2013
Psalm 27

We come in worship, because surely, the Eternal God is present here
in this still quietness; and so in reverent awe we are still before God.
In the calm confidence that we have in God’s abiding presence, we are
not afraid, because the “The Lord is our light and our salvation...” and
today we come “...To patiently wait on the God.” Some of us have had
a life time experience of trusting in God, whilst others have had only a
short and new experience of God’s faithfulness. Whatever has been
our faith journey, we know that God is to be trusted; and that time with
God in worship and meditation enables us to live in this world of noise,
distraction, threat and conflict, with a confidence that only God can give.

Nurturing God, we know that we are surrounded by forces and powers
that can overwhelm us at times, but we give thanks that we can trust in
God’s everlasting faithfulness towards all creation, and especially towards
people, who were and are created with that Godly “spark” within them!
We give thanks that with God’s abiding presence in our lives, we have a
sense of balance when we feel pressured by circumstances or events that
personally hem us in. We rejoice in God’s trustfulness, and that we can be
sheltered securely within God’s quiet presence. We celebrate the freedom
we have to worship and thank God, regardless of our life’s circumstances.

Enlightening God, we give thanks that the light of your love blesses and
guides us, encourages us, empowers and instructs us in the way to live
as God’s children in God’s world. We know we can go from our worship
of God, confident that God travels with us through all of life’s challenges. Amen.

A Personal Meditation
Lent 2C 2013
Psalm 27

What do I really mean when I claim those ancient words as my own:
“The Lord is my light and my salvation...?” I can easily understand
about God being the “Light” that guides my life in all its aspects—
as my direction, my commitment, my safety from all that threatens
me; but what do I mean when I say: “....The Lord is my salvation...”
Dictionaries give various theories and explanations, but it seems to
mean that “The Lord is my liberation...” from all that oppresses me;
from all that threatens the health of my soul; the Source of all that
“saves” me from the consequences and penalty of personal or shared
sin; from the trap of ignorance or illusion; and from the risk of leaving
the Living Presence of God. According to the Psalmist, if I stray from
or lose the active presence of “the Lord”, that is a real cause for fear!

Creative pause: What do I really mean when I make such easily-spoken claims?

Has there ever been a time in my life – or yours – when I/we have only
asked God for “..one thing...?” When I say my prayers, I usually have
a “shopping list” of requests, for me, for other people, or for the world—
but if I could only ask God for “..one thing...” what would I ask of God?
In my understanding, the Psalmist wanted a preview of “heaven”, where
I imagine all the saints of the faith, praise and honour God without ever
ceasing in their awe and reverence! Was that what the poet really wanted?
Or did he just want a break from all that threatened and frightened him?

Creative pause: Have you ever asked God for only “..one thing...?”

The Psalmist also prayed: “...Teach me how to live...” That is certainly
an honest request! This Psalm is not attributed to anyone in particular,
but whoever was its creator, it was someone with deep insights into our
human heart and mind! “He” wanted the best that life has to offer; to live well
and deeply; he also wanted honesty and integrity so he could “hold his head
in hope and trust in God. If either you or I asked God: “...Teach me how
to live...”
, what would be mine or your hidden agenda be behind that request?

Creative pause: What is my hidden agenda when I pray to God?

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