A Call to Worship
Epiphany 2B 2012
Psalm 139: 1-6, 13-18

Creating God, we gather in your name to worship you.
We give thanks that there is a small spark of God within us.
Kindle that small spark into a flame of love and service.

Sustaining God, we gather in your name to worship you.
We celebrate the loving presence of God in our life.
May God’s loving presence be a strong influence in our life.

Nurturing God, we gather in your name to worship you.
We rejoice that God teaches us about love and forgiveness.
As we grow in faith, trust and love for God, may our worship,
witness and service bring honour to God’s Holy Name. Amen.

Prayers of Praise and Trust
Epiphany 2B 2012
Psalm 139: 1-6, 13-18

Glorious God, you are utterly beyond us in every way,
yet you involve your holy self with our very human
existence and commitments, and we give thanks and
praise to you for your unending love for each one of us.
You have nurtured and blessed each of us as we grew
in the womb of your love and compassion over many
years; and we give thanks for the trust in you that has
grown in us as we have developed and reached maturity.

We praise you for the way you have placed your hand on
us in blessing, and that you have communicated to us in
wordless ways, the depths of your love for us, so that we
can understand and know that we are your beloved child.

We give thanks and praise to you that you trust us enough
to share some of your thoughts with our limited minds and
hearts; and that deep within us, there is that spark of your
holy life to enrich and bless us; so that we always have an
inner yearning to be near you and to be blessed by you.

Bearer of all creation, in your power, majesty and infinite
love, you have ordained that your eternal presence is with
each of us at all times, so that in the morning, you are there
with us; and during the evening and night you are still with us.
Trustworthy God, you honour us always with your presence. Amen.

A Personal Meditation
Epiphany 2B 2012
Psalm 139: 1-6, 13-18

Generous God, somehow it seems quite different knowing that
you know all about me, in comparison to having various scans
and tests so that clinical people can learn what it happening within
me. They only see the physical dimension of who I am and
what has happened to my body. Whereas you, my Loving God,
you know my thoughts, my emotions, my fears and hang-ups.

Creative pause: My God knows my heart and physicality so well.

Understanding God, the mental and spiritual health of our souls
require a different approach, perhaps by a minister, chaplain,
counsellor or psychologist – and it is quite different again when
we share our innermost thoughts and secrets with these people.
Whereas, with you, my Gracious God, you know the health of my
soul; the strengths and weaknesses of my spirits; and the deep
yearnings for something to be better and more pure within me.

Creative pause: My God also knows my soul and mind so well.

I can often convince people about who I am and what I think by
what I say and do in their presence. And sometimes, they even
dare to act on my behalf, assuming that they have a real and total
understanding of me as a person. Yet, how wrong they often are!
I am so grateful, that I do not have to worry about God having
any incorrect understandings about me! Thankfully, and best of all,
you know the depths of my love for you, and the way I so frequently
disappoint you with my human failings .And no! I do not have to
try to impress my God, because my God loves me and accepts
me – warts and all – thanks be to my wonderfully Accepting God!

Creative pause: I am loveable and acceptable to my God!

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