A Call to Worship
Easter 7C 2010
Psalm 97

Honour and glory belong to you, King and Lord
of the universe, Sovereign of all time and space!
Let all creation - past, present and future - offer praises,
and rejoice before the Lord our God and King!

The anchor-points of the foundations of the throne
of the King of Creation are justice and gracious mercy.
The light of God’s mercy shines forth with joy and blessing.

We rejoice as we come to worship the Lord, the King!
We sing for joy and with thankfulness before the
all-glorious King of kings and Lord of lords. Amen.

Prayers of Thankfulness
Easter 7C 2010
Psalm 97

The Lord our God is King – the Great King of all creation!
The Lord our God is King – the Mighty King of the universe!
The Lord our God is King – the Fatherly King of all peoples!
Let all creation bow down in awe, worship and praise of God.
All you people - offer your praise and thankfulness to our
compassionate and generous God, who is also the Holy One.

If we look up, there are the uncounted wonders of the skies;
if we look down, there are the earth’s marvels in its amazing
diversity, visible and invisible – all there under our feet.
If we look around, we see the complexity of nature, and the
all variations of humanity on display. Together, let us all
offer your praise and thankfulness to our generous God.

Day and night, we are surrounded by varied expressions of
God’s creative powers. Wherever we look, however we feel,
God is expressing to all people, the wonders of God’s creativity.
In reverent awe, we contemplate too, the generosity of God’s
unchanging rule of justice and mercy; and of God’s infinite
patience towards wilful humanity, as they go their prideful way.

Stubborn so often people turn away from God and God’s ways of
justice, peace and reconciliation. Yet, the mystery and wonder of
God’s mercy awaits all who seek to respond to the blessings offered
by God. Therefore, all you people – join with all creation in offering
your praise and thankfulness to our generous God, whose every
action arises from God’s own mercy, justice love and holiness. Amen.

A Personal Meditation
Easter 7C 2010
Psalm 97

All creation celebrates the majesty and wonder of the Lord,
the King of Creation. Let all the peoples of the earth rejoice
in the wonder and mystery of God’s creation. Let all the lands,
and islands – large and small - sing with joy at the awesome
beauty of this earth that we all call our home and dwelling place.

Creative pause: God, the awesome Creator.

I am enriched and blessed by my many experiences of the
variations there are expressed within our Creating God’s power!
God’s grandeur is hinted at by the mighty mountains; the flaming
force of fire; the flash and fury of storms; the supreme strength
of the sea; the star-spangled wonders the universe – yet all these
wonders fade away into nothing before our glorious Creator God.

Creative pause: The miracles of our Creating God.

I am also enriched and blessed by my experiences of the many
characteristics of God the King’s justice and worthiness; and God
the King’s principles and uprightness; all of which underpin the glory
of God’s majesty. In trembling awe, I join the peoples of the earth to
give praise and honour to the Holy One, the Lord God of all things.

Creative pause: I join with people responding to God, the Holy One.

However, there are times when I have turned my back on God and
rejected the powers, love and graciousness of my God and King.
My worldly concepts were finally crushed and my vain search for
personal glory came to nothing before the glory of my God! I was
shamed and embarrassed before the wonder and glory of God,
and I had to refocus, and relearn how to once again, come humbly
come before the Lord my God, the merciful and gracious Lord of Creation.

Creative pause: The huge contrasts between God and my inadequacies.

The Lord, the King shines the light of God’s own radiance on all who
revere their God and King. With joy, the people of God celebrate the
generosity of God, who blesses them in their worship. Sing out with joy,
all you peoples, celebrate the wonders of the Lord, the King of all things.

Creative pause: Celebrate God’s Royal generosity.

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