A Call to Worship
Easter 5C 2013
Psalm 148

Mysterious God – still mystifying all humanity with
the glories of outer space and the heavenly realms.
We come to worship our Holy Maker, and to give thanks
for the glories revealed to us by our God and Creator.

Creative Love – God, still loving all creation’s wonders
that we human beings can hear, see, smell and touch.
We come to praise and bless our Holy Maker for the
loving and diverse ways God communicates with us.

Breath of God – still breathing into us the miracle of life
itself, and of being in an intimate relationship with God.
We come together in worship - along with all creation—
to praise and celebrate our Holy Maker - our Creating God. Amen.

Prayers of Praise and Thankfulness
Easter 5C 2013
Psalm 148

Creating God, the Author and Perfector of all things that were created,
named, owned and loved in creation, in the past, in the present and
into the future; we gather to praise and thank the God of the heavens;
and we gather to praise the God of the earth and of all creation. Let all
created things praise the Lord their God, whose Reality and Holiness
towers over and above all things - for God’s Holy Name is very great.
In reverent awe we gather to honour and praise the Almighty God.

The Lord our God says to us: "… I am the Alpha and the Omega—
the beginning and the end, I am the one who is, who always was,
and who is still to come, the Almighty One…."
1 We gather in response
to the wonder and majesty of God’s being, so that through our worship
in our own human ways, we can be in a close relationship with God.
Let all peoples praise the Lord our God, whose Reality and Holiness
towers over and above all peoples - for God’s Holy Name is very great.
In reverent wonder we gather to worship and bless the Almighty God.

Inspirational God, we gather to praise and thank God for the glories of
creation and for the miraculous potential of our relationship with our
Holy God! The Psalmist spreads his canvass from the immeasurably
infinite down to the microscopic creations within outer space, the heavens,
the earth and all its waters. Then the author became personal, naming
and honouring the people whom God individually calls to God’s own self.
In praise and thankfulness to God, we respond to God’s calling and bow
in prayer, praise and song, and through our committed living to serve God.
Today, let all peoples praise the Lord our God, whose Reality and Holiness
towers over and above all peoples - for God’s Holy Name is very great.
In reverent amazement we gather to joyfully celebrate the Almighty God. Amen.

A Personal Meditation
Easter 5C 2013
Psalm 148

The Psalmist has a very “big picture” grasp of God’s creation
commencing with outer space and the vapours wafting through
outer space amongst the stars; and the angelic presences in the
heavens. His “big picture” concept continues when describing
earth’s mighty grandeur and beauty. My grasp on the created
world and outer space is a “small picture” concept. There is no
denying the majesty and awesome powers of the oceans and the
seas, but I prefer rock pools, where the little fish and crabs live
in secret, and where tiny shells are protected by the sheltering
rocks. The mud puddles along the side of roads that have their
wriggling tadpoles have a greater attraction to me than the mighty
rivers and lakes – however beautiful they are in their quiet serenity.

Creative pause: I prefer a “small picture” concept of creation.

Rather than the mighty oak trees in their stature and beauty, as a
keen gardener, I much prefer the challenge of taking seeds and
“cuttings” from plants to try to reproduce and increase their supply
of beauty. The simple purity of a single bloom speaks to me much
more about God than a fantastic and complex floral arrangement.
The powerful eagle is most inspiring in flight, but I prefer the little
honeyeaters and other native birds that welcome each morning and
farewell each evening with their own particular songs. I believe that
the “small picture” concept is also more soothing than threatening;
and can inspire meditation much better that intimidating immensity.

Creative pause: The simple purity of a single bloom speaks to me about God.

Usually, there is a place in society for leaders and rulers, but ordinary
people have their own special charms and quirks that add interest
and variety to one’s day. The faces of elderly people wearing their life
experiences on their faces and hands are inspiring and encouraging;
and the innocent joy of a young child and their delight in life fills one
with hope for the future. Nevertheless, each of these instances and
examples of diversity are a testimony to God’s goodness and creative
powers, and God’s Holy Name is very great; and God’s glory towers over
the earth and heaven in majesty and might, in love and in compassion!

Creative pause: God’s Holy Name is very great, and yet God speaks in whispers of love.

1 The Revelations1:8 NLT

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