A Call to Worship
Easter 4C 2010
Psalm 23

The Lord our God is our ‘Good Shepherd’.
God’s loving care of our flock is always inspiring
and helps us to trust in our ‘Good Shepherd’.

Even when life’s dark experiences engulf and
scatter our bewildered flock in every direction,
we still remain confident in God’s loving care.

Our ‘Good Shepherd’ provides everything our flock
could possibly need, even in times of uncertainty.
Your constant companionship nurtures and blesses us.
In worship, we praise the holy name of God. Amen.

Prayers of Thankfulness and Trust
Easter 4C 2010
Psalm 23

O Lord our God, today we offer our prayers to you, knowing from
experience that you are worthy to be called ‘The Good Shepherd’—
the Good Shepherd of a diverse and foolishly wayward flock!
In reverent awe we recognise that you are worthy of honour,
praise and thankfulness! Through your loving and generous care,
we have learned to trust our strong and reliable Good Shepherd.

Loving God, you certainly are a Good Shepherd to any wayward
member of this our flock, and we give thanks as each day you
generously shower us with your guidance, your tender care, and
with so many blessings. Your understanding of our needs continues
to be amazing, and we am very grateful for your sensitivity.

God, our generous-hearted Shepherd, you provide us with more
than our daily requirements and expectations. You even give us
the space to draw breath amidst that continual search for life’s
necessities. You even give us life-restoring, life-invigorating rest.
We seek to bring honour and glory to our Shepherd’s holy name.

Guiding Shepherd, the path you lead us along may take us into
life’s dark experiences, but your reassuring presence travels
with us, and this comforts and blesses each one of us. When we
are bruised by life, we especially give thanks for your tender care.

We offer our thanks and praise, Kind Shepherd, for your abundant
provision which meets our special needs, with everything laid out
before us like a banquet! This is an extraordinary blessing, especially
when we are overwhelmed by the negative powers of this world.

God - the Good Shepherd, we trust in the healing balm of your
presence available to all the members of the flock, and we know
it will overcome our pains and anxieties. For these blessings
we give you our heartfelt thanks. Welcoming Shepherd, you
invite the entire flock into your loving and tender care for the
rest of our lives - what an everlasting blessing that will be. Amen.

A Personal Meditation
Easter 4C 2010
Psalm 23

The Lord my God is my ‘Good Shepherd’! The security
this gives to me is very reassuring, and it means that all
my needs will be anticipated and provided. However, this
knowledge of my inner being, is both scary and a blessing.

Creative pause: Being known for who and what I am.

As a dependent member of the flock, I am always on the
look out for my daily needs of food and water. The idea
that everything is there ready for me, enough to meet my
daily needs is like paradise to me – how wonderful.

Creative pause: My daily needs generously supplied.

My constant searching for my daily needs is exhausting!
Just to be able to ‘catch my breath’ is exhilarating! I give
praise and honour to the Lord, my Shepherd God, for
these blessings of life-restoring, life-invigorating rest.

Creative pause: Taking time out for personal space.

My Shepherd may lead me along paths where I will tested
and where I will experience the dark times of life, which will
cause me some distress; but I trust in my Shepherd’s
experience, and his proven methods of disciplining the flock.

Creative pause: Experiencing the dark times of life.

Good Shepherd, I trust in your care of my exhausted body
and tired feet. Your horn of oil heals and restores my aches
and pains, my cuts and abrasions, and my bruised feelings.
Your compassion and your nurturing care overflows on to me,
and your understanding of how vulnerable I am is reassuring.

Creative pause: Experiencing the dark times of life.

Good Shepherd: what a feast of delights you prepare for me
to enjoy, even though my enemies lurk in the background!
Your unfailing presence and care offers me peace and hope,
through every remaining part of this my earthly pilgrimage.

Creative pause: Feasting in the presence of my Good Shepherd.

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