A Call to Worship
Christmas Day (i) Year C 2009
Psalm 97

It is the Lord - Yahweh - who reigns!
It is Yahweh who is King over all things!
It is the Lord our God, whom we worship.
It is God whose reign is righteous and holy.

Creation in its many forms declares
to all peoples the majesty of the Lord our God.
Day and night, gloom and sunlight,
storm and tempest, and the quietness of calm
all sing their praises to God the King.

Let all the people of God rejoice and be glad!
Singing and sharing their joy in the glory of God.
Come all who love the Lord God, the holy One,
let all the people of God worship in holy joy. Amen.

Prayers of Praise and Thankfulness
Christmas Day (i) Year C 2009
Psalm 97

The Lord, the Lord our God reigns! The Lord is King!
We gather with prayers of praise and thankfulness.
We come to worship and honour our glorious King.
Worthy of praise is our God – the Creator of all things!
All the lands and islands of the earth rejoice
in the power and majesty of God, the Lord of creation!
With joy and thankfulness, we celebrate the King!

In awe-filled worship, we praise and honour the King,
whose reign is founded on justice and uprightness;
and whose reign speaks of God’s infinite holiness.
Impenetrable mystery surrounds the holiness of God!
The power of the almighty Creator is seen in the forces
of righteous fire that goes before the holiness of God.
With joy and thankfulness, we celebrate the King!

We celebrate and give thanks for the long history
of God the King’s reign over the hills of Zion,
that symbol of the glories of God’s new Kingdom!
The powers of God –the Holy One shames the pitiful
powers of other gods. All the peoples of the city of God
shout with joy and delight at the wonders of God.
With joy and thankfulness, we celebrate the King!

Let all of us who love the Lord, the King, shout for joy!
Through our prayers, let us give honour and praise
to God, the Holy One, who gives light and joy
to the faithful people of God, and to all who delight
in praising the name of the Lord, our Creating God.
With joy and thankfulness, we celebrate the King! Amen.

A Personal Meditation
Christmas Day (i) Year C 2009
Psalm 97

The Lord my God is King of all creation!
The just and holy reign of the God over the universe
and of all creation is a cause for great rejoicing.
I want to celebrate the uprightness of God’s reign.

Creative pause: Rejoicing in God’s creation.

O Lord my King, the nature of the God of the universe
is beyond my thinking, it is too wonderful
for the human mind to absorb or understand,
but even though I do not understand all these things,
I can still bow down in worship before my Holy God.

Creative pause: God’s creative powers are amazing.

I can for ever explore the mystery of creation
through watching the lightning flashes, the wild winds,
and to stand trembling before the power of storms.
How I long to explore the mystery and majesty of mountains,
yet, they are as nothing before the mystery and majesty of God.

Creative pause: Exploring the mystery of God in creation.

I can imagine the hills surrounding the holy city of Zion—
even the hills of Zion itself - that invite me to join with
them in singing a chorus of praises before their God,
the almighty Creator, the eternal and ever-blessed King.

Creative pause: The sacred spaces rejoice in their King

God’s faithful people throughout all generations sing
of their praise of God, the Holy One, and this delights me.
Each day I rejoice in the Lord my God, and I delight in
praising my God. I am inspired by the light of God’s holiness
as it shines down on faithful humanity, and I continue to seek
to honour and worship the God who reigns in justice and peace

Creative pause: The light of God’s holiness shines on me.

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*The additional weekly numbering is from the Revised COCU Indexing Scheme
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